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PROLOGIC™ specialty materials from Dow Epoxy, the global leader in epoxy chemistry, are the building blocks of high performance electrical laminates for printed circuit boards used in a wide range of end applications including automotive electronics, smart phones, tablets and computers. More than 50 years of innovation in electrical laminate technology has resulted in differentiated products offering high thermal resistance, halogen-free, high Tg and enhanced toughness properties. PROLOGIC™products have a proven track record in lead-free, environmentally friendly applications, as well as demanding low Dk/Df applications enabling faster data transfer speeds for smart phones, communication and connectivity. Innovation and rapid market response by Dow Epoxy does not stop there. Our scientists are developing the solutions of tomorrow by working closely with customers, end users and industry consortia to drive the future of electrical laminates technology performance.

Ongoing Dow Epoxy innovation in electrical laminates is fueled by Dow’s $1.6 billion annual investment in research and development. Dow Epoxy is also investing in production expansions worldwide and our vertical raw material integration helps us supply products reliably to meet world demand. Dow Epoxy is committed to responsible operations and to supporting the global electronics industry in meeting all environmental, safety and health requirements. Find a Product

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